Our first collection

DO (Denomination of Origin) is an introduction to the world of specialty chocolate. Notka was born from an outsider vision of the sector, so the launch of the project has required the team to deeply learn about the endless and complex world of cocoa and chocolate. In this first collection, which begins the project, the doors of Notka are opened to share this process of learning and exploration that the team is carrying out. Thus, through free experimentation, products are being created that put the origin of cocoa and its varietal richness at the center.


The place where you are born greatly influences your art. And so it is also the case with cocoa, which as an agricultural product varies in flavor and taste from one origin to another and from one harvest to another. Thus, cocoa beans from different regions have their distinct flavors, which means that the taste of cocoa is also affected by the soil, landscape and environment in which it is grown.

For this reason, we look for the best raw materials to produce products that respect the sense of belonging to each origin and enhance the individuality of the cocoa bean.

Like wine, the flavor of chocolate is partially determined by the environment in which the cocoa trees grow (terro). However, most of us still do not put chocolate in the same category as wine, and believe that all chocolate products taste the same.

Over the years, in the same way that wine has enthusiastically embraced this varietal richness and sophistication, chocolate will follow the same path. Over the years, chocolate will not just be a sweet flavored with vanilla and sugar, but will be unanimously valued as a product with infinite taste possibilities.

Additionally, the versatility of chocolate makes it the perfect base where creativity can flow without limits. And if this versatility is combined with all the possible combinations of flavors and nuances that specialty chocolate offers, a world of infinite possibilities opens up to deploy the most imaginative ideas in the creation of new products.

This is one of the foundations of the project, to play freely with this versatility that chocolate offers us to explore products that not only try to offer quality, but also deeper emotional experiences.


Ricard Martínez

Pastry chef specialized in restaurant desserts

His pedagogical profile, his passion for the sweet world and his mastery of technique have made him one of the most respected pastry chefs in the profession. Heir to the flavor pedagogy of the Espaisucre School, he currently leads his own firm under which he has advised on all the preparations of this collection.

Ricard conceives cooking as an art. His obsession with linking creativity with science is manifested in all his works, which are always born from a deep respect for ingredients and their original flavors. It is this commitment that has motivated Ricard in his first collaboration with Notka, where he manages to establish a magical dialogue between the ingredient and the origin, giving life to an exclusive collection of chocolates.

Our origins

The origin of the cocoa opens more than notable distances between one chocolate and another. Thus, each country has different aroma and flavor profiles that mark differences between each origin.



Located in the coastal desert of northern Peru, Piura is one of the twenty-four departments of the country, covering both coastal and mountain areas in its territory. Known as the region of "eternal summer", it stands out for its cultural richness and high quality cocoa.

Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve


To the southwest of the province of Esmeraldas and north of Manabí, the Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve is one of the last remnants of tropical humid and dry forest on the Ecuadorian coast. Created on August 9, 1996, it is recognized worldwide as a natural refuge strongly influenced by the constant presence of fog and rain from the Pacific.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


On the northern coast of Colombia is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a magical, sacred and mysterious place that rises extraordinarily from the sea and reaches a height of 5,000 meters. This mountain system in the Colombian Caribbean was declared a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site in 1979 and is characterized by immense beauty and natural exuberance.

Virunga National Park


In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), along more than 300 kilometers on the border with Rwanda and Uganda, lies Africa's first national park. It is a land of unparalleled diversity: lava plains, rainforests, salt marshes, savannahs, glaciers and two active volcanoes, including Nyiragongo, which contains one of the most spectacular lava lakes in the world.