A new way of understanding chocolate

Cocoa on Blank Canvas

"Flee from the normative, the things seen a thousand times, and remain only with the expressive, the exciting, that which brings with it a story" (Agua y Jabón; Marta Riezu; 2023)

Our origin

Notka is the fruit of a childhood friendship and a stroke of luck. The founders met when we were 3 years old at school and at that moment we started talking about starting a project together. Well, maybe we'll start talking about it a little later, but let's not let this little detail cloud the story; The important thing is that a friendship was born there that has effectively led us to launch this company 23 years later.

The idea

The idea? A coincidence, because we both started our professional careers in sectors very different from chocolate. However, thanks to our contact with Belgium, where our curiosity was piqued, and the inspiration from sectors like specialty coffee and wine, we decided to start this project in 2023. We wanted to create the products that we couldn't easily find in other food companies: fine chocolates crafted with a naïve and youthful approach that prioritize quality and creativity over quantity.

We are NOT a brand since 1950. That’s why we do things differently.


Notka was born as an outsider brand, without tradition or history, with the goal of experimenting with cocoa freely and without limitations. To make a clean slate of all preconceptions and start painting our own canvas from scratch with a fresh perspective.


Our products stem from a concept that serves as the inspiration for our entire collection. A theme that piques our curiosity, which we decide to explore using chocolate as our canvas. We strive to achieve results that blend quality and creativity freely. Ephemeral luxuries that tell stories and evoke emotions when tasted.

Specialty chocolate

The starting point for all of the brand's creations is fine flavor cocoa, also known as 'specialty chocolate.' We use only high-quality cocoa that stands out for its flavor, and we work with it with the utmost respect to extract the unique nuances of each bean. In this way, people who taste our products can journey through the complex flavors of the terroir from different regions and countries.